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  • Can I pick up my flower order?
    No, because I am a home based business I am only offering deliveries at this time. You will be able to purchase bouquets beginning in June at the Willow Bay Coffee shop in Evansville.
  • How much is the delivery fee?
    0 -1.5 miles from our studio - Free 1.5 - 4 miles form our studio- $5.00 4 - 7 miles from our studio - $7.00 7 - 10 miles form our studio - $10.00 10 - 20 miles form our studio - $15.00
  • What flowers do you offer ?
    On a weekly and bi- weekly basis I select a variety of flowers and greens. This will include 2 different colored rose varieties. I do not carry RED roses unless requested 48 hours in advance. I will not make anything with lilies because they are toxic to animals and I am working from a home studio that is also home to a cat :)
  • Can I order a corsage or boutonniere for prom?
    Yes, I offer both for Prom and Homecoming. Click on Corsages on the menu bar for more information.
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